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Looking North. The Building across the street is 1121 San Antonio Rd. Tree to the right has a pole.Here is the pole hidden in the trees. Telephone comes up from the ground here.Looking east towards our buildings. Telephone lines on left going east. Other going right; across stFirst stop for the Telephone lines. Some go the building here, power comes from the right, goes eastSome power goes here. the rest continues east.Power arrives here at the yard, and goes many places. Lines go Right (South) to our sideLines from the Palo Alto Yard, to our side of San Antonio. They go farther east here.And here they arrive. From here there is power that goes to our buildings it seems.These poles are behind the buildings that we are apart of. Power and some telephone; goes to GoogleOur building is down and on left. Poles are on our side of the property. PWR & tele move underground

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